Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Play at the Boleyn Invitation on the OS

Reading's McDermott might have seen the invitation extended on the OS and felt like a wedding guest receiving his invitation a few days after he has attended the shin dig. Play at the Boleyn? We did! And some!

Of course, the invitation may be targeted at Allardyce and his "team"of malfunctioning misfits. When, exactly, was the last time we PLAYED at the Boleyn? I can just about remember the last time we WON at home - although that involves a feat of memory - but the last time we PLAYED? God, when was the Blackpool game at the Boleyn exactly?

Perhaps by offering the opportunity to play at the soon to be defunct stadium, S&G are hoping to identify some cheap talent to replace Green, Tomkins and Noble when they depart in the summer? To be honest, there must be a better option than Faubert out there somewhere!

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