Friday, 6 April 2012

Allardyce on Good Friday Rant.

After Reading, it's the Long Good Friday and Sam's responding to the pressure:

"West Ham fans? Well, let's put it this way. Apart from their assholes being about fifty yards away from their brains, and the choirboys playing "'hunt the thimble" with the rest of them, they ain't too happy. I'm glad I found out in time just what a partnership with that lot of wankers is like. A sleeping partner's one thing, but they're in a fcuking coma! No wonder they're got an energy crisis out on the pitch! They just ain't natural. They're like one of them silent, deadly farts. No clue, and then pow, you go cross-eyed."

"These people don't deserve any more than dogshit on the doorstep. The ICF? I've shit 'em. Don't no one ever tell me what I can or can't do! Bent bloggers can be tolerated for as long as they're lubricating, but I'm warning Dale if he becomes parched, if I was him, I'd run for cover and close the hatch, 'cause he's gonna wind up on one of those meat hooks like that Hammersfan bastard. It's Good Friday. Even if we have a bloody mare, you don't crucify people! Not on Good Friday! I'll have their Claret & Blue carcasses dripping blood by midnight."

"For more than ten weeks there was peace - everyone to his own patch. We all had it sweet. I've done every single one of them favours in the past - I've put points on the board. I've treated them well, even when they was out of order, right? Well now there's been an eruption.  Now it's like a bad night in Vietnam. It's like fcukin' Belfast on a bad night. One of my closest friends - my reputation - is lyin' out there in the freezer. And believe me, all of you, nobody goes home until I find out who done it, and why."

"The players? What I'm looking for is someone who doesn't contribute to what West Ham has given to the world: culture, sophistication, genius. A little bit less than a hot dog, know what I mean? I tell the team, remember, scare the shit out of them. I say to the lads, try not to be discreet, eh? Becasuse I'm setting up the biggest deal in Europe with the hardest organization since Hitler stuck a swastika on his jockstrap."

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Anonymous said...

you're just pissed off because he's slagging off the fans more than you usually do.