Thursday, 12 April 2012

West Ham Marketing The Southampton v Reading Game!

Hello? When was this marketing guff produced then? Top of the table clash? If that's the case, then I'm going to bed with Kiera Knightley tonight, though she looks pretty much like my wife as she lies, mouth open, fast asleep and snoring on the sofa opposite me.

"Nothing beats being there" eh? Presumably they mean nothing beats being top of the table. Trouble is, to be there, you have to beat teams rather than draw with them! In fact "Nothing beats" could become a strap line for Allardyce's team if the the syntax is reversed: "Beats nothing" sums things up rather unfortunately doesn't it?

"Buying a ticket is easy"? I'm sure. But selling them isn't so easy these days is it? Unless you are selling tickets for the genuine top of the table clash between Southampton and Reading of course. And if that one goes the wrong way, the game against Brighton becomes something of a dead rubber. "Push For The Play-Offs" doesn't have the same ring about it, does it?

Bless Sullivan and Gold. They are doing their best to turn a dog's dinner into an haute cuisine banquet, or a cheap porn flick into a Hollywood epic, but you can only get away with serving up shit as caviar for so long; and Allardyce has been found out good and proper. Top of the table clash indeed? Is the club supplying coach transportation down to Southampton I wonder?


the headmaster said...

The guff that comes out from the OS is mind-numbing and takes us all for the mugs we probably are! I've unsubscribed from Allardyce's alleged emails. After a season of Grant saying "David, we have to do better...." I've now had a season of "We were unlucky and despite dominating the game, conceded goals that were our own fault....."
We're third because we deserve to be third; simples.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how Hammers fans still go there.

I ceased going to the OS three years ago - I was sick to the back teeth of the patronising manner in which the writers/management treated the fans like absolute idiots. Such was the utter crap that they continually dished up.

It seemed to me that they were/are literally trying to turn fans away from the club. They have me, that's for sure. I still refuse to waste my time there.

elf72 said...

Come on guys, what do we expect them to say?

We'll need the cash from the seats sold for next season's promotion or otherwise so you've got to big the game up.

Anonymous said...

Another deluded West Ham fan moaning about an absolute non story.

You posted recently about a QPR bottom of the table clash when they played another team battling to stay up. Whats the difference? West Ham in third place, Brighton in seventh. A lot is still riding on the game. It is a top of the table clash.

My god man - grow some.

Anonymous said...

Spot on HF. Good to see Noble sporting a Rob Green T-Shirt

Anonymous said...

Headmaster you are right - sam's 'style' cost us at least 10 points [dropped in the five draws we should have won]. Soton & Reading GO out to WIN. We might get up thru the playoffs, but with this lot, not definite. Still, I'm hoping.