Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sublime Finishes From Maynard and Noble!

Just how good were the Maynard and Noble finishes! I've only just caught them on YouTube, and bloody hell, Messi would have been proud of both goals. Maynard's finish from distance was inch perfect. A superb goal! But Noble's finish screamed quality. Sure it was a defensive cock up of monumental proportions, but there's no taking away from Noble's finish. He had the presence of mind to stop, look up, measure the chip and bend it from an angle just below the bar. A fantastic goal!

And what was with the McCartney shot that led to Vaz Te's goal? He hit that with his right foot! Amazing!

Just one reservation. How the hell was Nolan's goal not offside? He was standing on the line when he tapped it home with no Barnsley player near him!


Anonymous said...

When the ball went through to Nolan it hit a Barnsley Player on the way! Nice one WHU now let's beat the Brums :)

Sav said...

Noble shot into an empty goal! Messi like? You must be joking!

Sav said...

Did you complete your studies in Vampire Arts in Transylvania? Come back and suck the blood out of West Ham fans then.

Idahojohn said...

It WAS a fantastic goal by Noble. A very underated player!

Deane said...

Noble is better than Messi Sav be man enough to admit you're wrong about him

Anonymous said...

...against Barnsley ? Messi-like ? - do me a favour !

This team is SLOW, OBVIOUS and composed of chumps and has-beens; in the case of Cole a never-will-be, in spite of his goal against BHAM.

Lansbury will be gone, and I doubt Morrison will ever play

In the Chumpionship for another season, playing the 'West Ham Way'.....guaranteed.