Saturday, 5 November 2011

Allardyce in Parallel Universe!

Now this is getting bloody silly. I thought the guy was talking cobblers when he described our performance on Tuesday as exceptional but now Allardyce has weighed in with praise for Rob Green.

According to Doctor Evil, Green is better than ever. But how would he know if we were so exceptional against the bottom team in the league? Surely Green would have been a passenger all night in that one wouldn't he?

Not that he was, of course. He did manage to let that attempted pass into the penalty box drift past him and hit the post. If that had gone in, it would have made the Christmas gaff dvds for the next decade, along with that debacle for England against the USA.

I do wish Allardyce would stop spinning like the proverbial top. We have eyes, and some of us even have brains, so what does he think he is achieving exactly?  His summary of the game on Tuesday should have been:

"That wasn't good enough and I want to apologise to the fans. We were sub standard in every department. The defence were stretched too often, the midfield didn't function as a unit and the strikers were below par on the night. Things will be sorted for Saturday don't you worry."

I want to hear that sort of menace. Zola was too pally with the players and Grant too distant. I want Allardyce to be an evil bastard, telling the under performing tossers to shape up or he will clear them out.

The last 135 minutes of football played by this team hasn't been "exceptional" as Allardyce claimed, but unacceptable. We know that and we want a manager who admits it, not a manager who tries to deflect criticism of his tactics by pretending everything is going to plan - except for injuries and the rub of the Green.

Stop accepting the unacceptable Doctor Evil and kick these clowns into performing!


Sav said...

Damn it! I have to agree with you totally again HF. I hope this doesn't become a habit. Good article.

Hammersfan said...

Col, if you can't post without using the F and C words, you are wasting your time leaving a comment.

mj said...

Could'nt give a toss what Allardyce says as long as we get promoted!!!

Anonymous said...

Tom writes

Yawn........anyone looking forward too the game today??

Anonymous said...

Sam - you played 4-3-3 against Bristol City expecting a­ hat-full of goals and why not - they had let in 26 in 14­ games up to last Tuesday. Sears, Baldrick and Piquionne­ up front backed up by Nolan Noble and Faubert.
We­ dominated totally and according to the stats had 19­ shots on goal, with 10 on target but not one of them went in.
Dear old­ Calamity James had a blinder and Noble got Man of the­ Match
I'm as disappointed as the next man but­ that's football.
Now Hull is a must win game -­ not only are they right up our arse but they have a­ game in hand
Revert back to 4-4-2 but don't sit­ back - get at 'em right from the start
Start with­ Baldrick and Piquionne up front Sears on for one of­ them at 60 mins and bring back Collison in the middle
COYI­ If you can't win Pretty then win Ugly

Hammersfan said...

He played 4-4-2 actually an will, in all probability, go 4-5-1 today. Name me a quality save made by James on the night!