Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tottenham Vexatious Frivolous Vindictive Hotspurs

It looks like Baroness Ford has got Tottenham's number, describing the club as "vexatious, frivolous and vindictive" whilst ECS committee chairman Dee Doocey has labelled the club's actions in relation to the Olympic Stadium as "reprehensible" and "absolutely disgraceful". Crucially, Tottenham are under investigation by the Economic and Specialist Crime Command of the Metropolitan Police Sevice following official complaints from both the OPLC and West Ham United.

No wonder 'Arry's heart started playing up! The poor sod breaks into a sweat at the mere mention of the Old Bill, what with allegations about manila envelopes accompanying transfer deals and ongoing investigations into his tax affairs. He's probably got a flight booked to Brazil just in case this gets really hairy!

Levy is coming out of this smelling like shit spread around the roses after apparently boasting about putting the OPLC board under surveillance. How wonderful would it be if phones have been tapped and Levy is held culpable? He and 'Arry could end up sharing a cell in Pentonville!

By the way, I predicted that 'Arry wouldn't be managing Tottenham come the end of October and conveniently his "heart" has seen him put on extended gardening leave. Is it really just the ticker or is something else going on behind the scenes? When is his trial for tax irregularities due to commence? Or has that unfortunate business been sorted out without me noticing?


the headmaster said...

It's too much to hope that the second hand car dealer turned football supremo and the darling of the sycophants of the media could ever smell of anything other than roses, me fears. But, there's always a hope I guess.
The developments in terms of the police enquiry into alleged wrongdoings over the OS investigation I shall watch with interest. Again though, no breath being held.

Anonymous said...

levy a lier and low life... police go get him... scrum

Hammersfan said...

Yeah Headmaster, one suppests there are enough Tottenham supporting coppers to prevent this going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

hahaha poor old Wet Spam, just heard athletics will be given priority over football. hahahaha means you'll have to play lots more away games.

Lord Canning said...

Same stable as Venables. Great managers both, but both a little suspect when it comes to HMRC and wheeler dealing.
In my opinion,the Olympic stadium business is nothing to do with H and all to do with Levy. Harry is only interested in the football side and what he can make out of it, manilla envelopes et al.
I was disappointed when El Tel lost the England job for non footballing reasons,but he got us playing in Euro 96 and I, for one would like to see Harry in charge of England, but it won't happen if the tax business is hanging about like a bad smell.