Sunday, 6 November 2011

Howard Webb Bids for Absurd Decision of the Season!

Oh dear God, Clattenbung will be furious! He normally corners the market in these sorts of decisions but Webb came up with an absolute corker today for Bolton's opener, awarding a free kick for a back pass that was arguably unintentional and then allowing Bolton to take it before the Stoke keeper was able to retreat to his line, never mind the defence to form a wall.

Webb might as well have side footed the ball into the net himself!

And to think this guy was allowed to cock up a World Cup Final! He was probably confused, believing because he was in the North East that the home team must be Manchester United!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha funny and possibly true, I couldn't believe it when he gave the free kick, the keeper was stupid enough to give Bolton the ball!

Howyoodoin said...

Oh come on HF. This was a rare example of good refereeing. A good decision to award the free kick and an even better one to allow them to take it quickly.
It might teach players to respect decisions in future and if not, to keep their mind on the game rather than run to the ref to try and intimidate him.

Lord Canning said...

Refereeing decisions going wrong are all part of the great game that is football. How long before we have the cry 'Video technology!!'throughout the land. Thing is, where do you start and end with the video referral. What decisions can/can't be referred -what a mess it will become. No leave as is -referees are human they make mistakes, the same as the players. It is what promotes debate and argument in the car going home or in the pub after the game.
There is no law that says a ref has to use up time letting defences organise themselves for a free kick. I applaud the quick thinking Klansnic (?). The current tedious malarky of pacing out 10 yards, letting the keeper thoroughly position himself behind his wall, all the pushing and shoving (which goes unpenalised)before the kick is taken. Let's have more of the quick stuff and provide more excitement.
It'll never happen.

Sav said...

English referees... Did you see the Spurs defender who actually grabbed the ball inside the box while he was on the floor? Everyone did except the referee!

Anonymous said...

Fanny, tell me exactly what rule in Reffing suggests that the keeper should be allowed to retreat and form a wall before a free kick is taken. I'd love to hear this !

Hammersfan said...

What a stupid question. Imagine that was Green. You and every West Ham fan would be up in arms.

Why do football fans operate such stupid double standards? For EVERY incident, put West Ham on the receiving end! For example, the first Chelsea red card against QPR, would have infuriated us. The Drogba red card in the same game, we would have accepted for a dangerous two footed tackle. Simple enough way to judge but typically, Wrongy, it is beyond you!