Saturday, 26 November 2011

Move Over QPR and Chelsea, here comes West Ham Plastics!

Well the name West Ham Olympic was rejected by the fans, so now Brady floats out her latest masterplan, throwing all tradition out with the bath water and transforming the club into West Ham Plastic.

We mock Chelsea fans with the label Plastics and look back at the artificial pitches laid by QPR and Luton Town with horror, but the odds are that when we move to the Olympic Soulless Bowl, the team will be playing on a plastic pitch.

In her role as correspondent for News and Abuse International, Princess Brady writes, "ARTIFICIAL pitches have a bad name but refuse to go away. I'm currently thinking about this because they could have a huge role to play, particularly at multi-purpose venues such as Wembley and the Olympic Stadium."

So there you have it, tucked away in Brady's column in The Sun, the first hint of what is to come. But never mind, the fans will be so far away from the pitch that they will never spot the difference!

Brady enthusiastic about playing with plastic? Well she does work for the Dildo Brothers so what do you expect?


dentheranger said...

I remember our plastic 'astroturf' pitch fondly, the pace of the ball the bounce - we had great success on it with venables in the 80's. Maybe your princess knows just what she's doing!

Hammersfan said...

LOL of course you do, QPR won most of their home games because the opposition were beaten by the bounce on the pitch! Wasn't there one ludicrous goal, where the ball bounced a crazy amount over the keeper which finally convinced everybody that the pitch had to go?

dentheranger said...

Thats right hf,the bounce and the pace of the ball had many [losing] teams up in arms over it. The occasion you mention was one of the final nails in the coffin.A lot of teams used to train on plastic before playing us but we were more experienced.The games were always exciting and good to watch - Luton also had one back then .

Hammersfan said...

I know, I played and scored on the Luton pitch. I also finished the game with burn marks all over my legs. Have played on the new style pitches and they are a vast improvement but I am a traditionalist and don't want football played on plastic.

dentheranger said...

Yes,nothing beats the real thing,and i almost forgot the terrible burn injuries like the ones you suffered - I Didn't know that they were legal today.

Deane said...

most pitches today have a fair amount of synthetic woven in