Saturday, 19 November 2011

Allardyce the Master Tactician

OK, it may have been said a little tongue in cheek but Doctor Evil used the words "master tactician" in relation to his substitutions. Old Big 'Ead said:

"We changed it round at half time and I told the players that they were attacking the end where we had 6,500 fans who had travelled all the way to support us and we'd not played well enough to get them behind us."

"We changed the system and once we got Freddie Piquionne and Carlton Cole on, it was then that the game changed in our favour. For me, it was only a matter of time before we started to score goals."

"I can call myself the master tactician! It's another valuable three points towards our target and for only the second time we are exactly where we want to be which is 34 points after 17 games."

I have two things to say by way of reply. Firstly, I'd rather be on 39 points from 17 games like Southampton!

And secondly, a master tactician would get the team playing for 90 minutes, not 45! How refreshing would it be not to HAVE to change it around at half time?

Sorry to piss on Allardyce's bonfire of vanity!


T.I.S said...

I just hope he had a quick gander at Swansea, and saw how much more impressive it is two have two picey wingers!

T.I.S said...

Picey? Pikey? Pacey!

clez said...

Master Tactician? my arse! he almost cost us the game! I was there and once we were 2-1 up, he made the baffling decision to take off Baldock whose running and pressure scared Coventry witless. It immediately handed Coventry the intiative at a time we were well on top. Baffling. But this year, all I care about is the points. Terrible game, awful long balls, but 3 pts! that's all I need at the mo!

Anonymous said...

keep slagging a winning team when, will you all be happy ? when we go broke and end up in league 2 ?

Hammersfan said...

0936, do you know nothing about the history of our club? We have NEVER been in the bottom two divisions. In terms of status, this is the LOWEST the club has ever been. But why let facts get in the way eh?