Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Half Time West Ham 0 Bristol City 0 - Worrying!

Well this isn't going to plan. No surprise with Sears on the left and Piquionne leading the line. I know Sears has hit the post but he can't cross with his left foot and, as I've always maintained, unless you have top notch players, you have to use left footers on the left and right footers on the right.

Bristol City have had too many chances to break and score and have hit the post themselves, albeit because of another Green cock up. We are over committing already, and when City break, we look stretched.

The final ball is poor and so is the finishing. Nolan again isn't delivering and Piqiounne is as languid as ever. Let's hope Cole is fit enough to play for 30 minutes but, apart from him, what options do we have? The decision to not even name Collison on the bench looks daft.

So, 0-0 at home to the bottom team in the Championship. Doctor Evil is really working a miracle isn't he? Let's see if his half time talk is more effective than the one he delivered on Saturday. Perhaps he should call in the caretaker, hold the broom, and let him motivate the team!


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Hammersfan said...

Baldock off and the natives are restless! Is this tactical genius by Allardyce or a signal that the long ball lump is his only tactical option?

Hammersfan said...

Now Diop! Why Diop? 0-0 at home to Bristol City, Hall on the bench and Diop who last scored in Deceber 2005 is sent on for Sears! Brilliant. Another big man, thinks Sam, we need another big man!

Deane said...

Get thee gone Satan
when Satan=Allardyce
not the anti christ but certainly the anti football
Funny how we need to play this style because it's not an easy league to get out of yet the team on top are playing football and they were in div one last season No premiership players or wages there