Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Half Time England 1 Sweden 0

Looking pretty good to me. Zamora's lack of quality in the box showed when he had a chance - he tried to take the extra touch and the chance was gone - but Zammo has linked the play excellently. Turds defenders should note that Curbishley showed Bobby the door, even though Zamora is a West Ham fan. I bet you that, unlike Parker, he would have put club before country if still a Hammer when we were relegated. In fact, what am I saying, with Zamora in the team last season, we wouldn't have gone down. Holding midfielders played as midfield generals don't get you enough goals; centre forwards who score and create openings for others do!

Downing's cross for the goal was excellent and he and Baines have linked well down the left. And on the right, Walker and Walcott have combined superbly both offensively and defensively. In centre midfield, Rodwell and Jones have also done well, although both have missed chances that' Arry's mum would have tucked away. But credit where credit is due, unlike Parker they have got into the opposition box! Oh, and of course, Barry was the last England man to touch the ball before it nestled into the net! Oh for Scotty's defensive covering eh guys!

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T.I.S said...

lol covered your old back with selective words in that Barry comment. Had it been Parker of course, you would have highlighted the fact that his header was going wide and needed a Swede to do the job for him.