Monday, 7 November 2011

Upson, da Costa, Gabbidon - Any old Irons would do!

Oh the irony! In the summer we shed more centre halves than a dog sheds hairs in a summer moult, and now Allardyce is out with his begging bowl, pleading for somebody to lend him a yard dog number five, any yard dog number five.

How much did we sell da Costa for? Just over a million I seem to remember. How much would promotion be worth to us? What a stupid false economy that sale now looks with Reid injured and Tomkins seemingly struggling with a deep seated injury. In theory we have Demel too, but he's not really a centre half and seems to be our new Dyer in any case.

When the season started I warned we were short of cover in this key position. What did we do to address the situation? Nothing. Perhaps Doctor Evil fancied his chances of making a come back after assessing the weakness of the division he has been tasked to win promotion from.

But apart from that option, what did Allardyce leave himself with? The hope of picking somebody up on loan if injury struck apparently. Didn't anybody tell him that Sod's Law With Knobs On applies at Upton Park? Never mind, "If it can go wrong, it will go wrong", the rule reads, "Even if it can't go wrong, it will go wrong regardless." Welcome to Icelandic banking owners just before a global economic meltdown triggered by Icelandic banks! Only at West Ham!

So who will we end up with? A Northampton reserve? Maybe Di Canio could lend us a Swindon kid for old time's sake? There must be a retired former Bolton centre half who fancies a boost to his pension plan surely?

Anybody will do now. Even Upson or Gabbidon!


Sav said...

Gabbidon will definitely not do! Let him do his damage at QPR thank you. Did you notice his marking of Toure when City scored the winner last week?

One thing I give credit to Sam is that he got rid of the crap players.

Daz said...

For F*ck Sake, when will you lot give Allardyce a break. He has shed the squad of the deadwood we have been carrying for some time now and we are 2nd in the league yes 2nd! Maybe you were one of the wankers who wad booing after Bristol City drove their team bus on the Upton Park pitch last week. We have been unlucky with injuries to players in the same position so back off and watch us gain promotion.

Anonymous said...

Gabbidon and Upson were both slow, and in Upsaon's case, lacking 'awareness', and thus useless. DaCosta [a Nani buy?] wanted out.
What about Spence ?