Saturday, 19 November 2011

Coventry v West Ham Odd Team!

Disappointed to see Carew starting ahead of Cole but good to see Badock starts. It looks 4-1-3-2


Faubert, Tomkins, Faye, McCartney


Collison, Noble, Nolan

Carew, Baldock

No Taylor. That injury seems to be pretty deep seated! Subs Stech, O'Brien, Sears, Cole and Piquionne. So still no Demel!


beelzebub said...

you know i used to love watching my team...if live you would not drag me away from the screen, I've been a season ticket holder over the years and tend to make about 5-10 home games during the course of the year...but you know what...

I've had enough...our football is SHIT

^^ anyone interested in the match live, this is the stream for going out because in not watching another 45 min of that crap

We are a disgrace to the game of football, we have made coventry look like a free flowing top notch football team.

We better have a plan to get rid of BFS if we are in the premier league because you will not fill a 10,000 seater stadium with this bullshit, let alone a soul less 60,000....

enjoy your afternoon all

Anonymous said...

We just keep winning, Cole made all the difference for me today. Needs to start next week with Baldock beside him. great comeback. COYI!!!

Essexhammer said...

I fully agree beelzebub that game was awful to watch.Our style was attrocious.To tell the truth GRANT,ZOLA or whoever was in charge would have us playing better than this .We may be winning and sitting in second place but no one can tell me we have been convincing in the performances,we have barely scraped to victory in most games playing a style that is not WESTHAM .A better team than COVENTRY today would have stuffed us the way we played today,I am just not an ALLARDYCE fan with his style of football.Let him get us up and then get rid I say because I can't take much more of this shite.