Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Beginning of a Leicester Charge?

Leicester 3 Palace 0. Oops, we could have done without that! True Palace started the game above Leicester in the table but we really didn't want the Foxes running riot in the bins of the Championship.

We remain nine points ahead of Pearson's charges, but that gap could close quickly if Leicester start playing to their potential and our luck runs out, with narrow victories petering out into tame draws or one goal reverses.

Leicester travel to Pompey next Saturday and I will be a Portsmouth supporter for the day!


Anonymous said...

If we cannot stay ahead of a team that has players in it such as our rejects Pantsil and Konchesky( who are both Champ quality at very best!!) we dont really deserve anything do we?!!!!

Hammersfan said...

Southampton are above us with West Ham reject David Connolly in the team!

Deane said...

and Southampton actually play football Imagine that a team on top that doesn't play in the only way to get out of this crap league The bumblebees of the championship
(oh anonymous that's because science dictates that a bumblebee can't fly)

Lord Canning said...

Why should we fear Leicester? They are a club with a managerial revolving door and no predigree for title challenges.Let them worry about how they will make up the 9 points. For your peace of mind HF, lets hope that Doncaster don't put a run together or you'll get into a lather over them too!.