Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Southampton Pull Away As The Pack Closes Up!

What a terrible wasted opportunity. Two wins on the bounce and playing the bottom team in the division. It should have been three easy points. After all, Allardyce has got us playing such effective football hasn't he?

Now far be it from me to remind you that I questioned the quality of our performances in the games against Brighton and Leicester. But I did.

I said that our performance at Brighton was shockingly poor, that we showed no creativity whatsoever and highlighted the lack of offensive ambition or cohesion in the team. I said too that our inability to better managerless Leicester in the second half on Saturday highlighted the ongoing problem with lack of balance.

Now, let's start to be honest. This is a shit division and any half decent team playing half decent football would be pulling away by now - just like Southampton! But Southampton play decent football. They have creative players. They seek to impose themselves on the opposition. They play with conviction and verve and pace. They're not great individually, but they are organised and they go for it - rather like Newcastle in the Prem at the moment, and like Pardew's West Ham.

But we are not pulling away, we are being sucked back into the chasing pack, throwing away home points because we are trying to fit square pegs into round holes: Nolan in a withdrawn midfield role, Noble as a holding midfielder, Sears wide on the left and Piquionne on the pitch!

Today's game sums up our performances so far. We are stuttering, uncertain, playing football devoid of imagination and quality. Sure we are in second place still, but for how long? We are losing touch with Southampton already and pretty soon we could find ourselves gobbled up by the jogging pack.

Allardyce was cocky after the Leicester game, knocking us fans who are challenging his approach. Well tonight showed just how one dimensional and inadequate this team is. An improvement on last season? Cobblers, we are just playing against crap opposition. Lest we forget, Grant's team played three Championship teams last season and won all three games comfortably.

After tonight, people should get their heads out of arses and wake up to the bitter truth. This is still a poor team playing very poorly, with no self belief and no conviction. The Premiership looked a million miles away tonight and, to be honest, this team would be annihilated should we somehow stumble our way to promotion.


Anonymous said...

FFS Fanno,will you stop banging on about "Grant's team"?

Where are we now mainly because of Grant?

Stick this in your pipe & smoke it...we will get promoted, we will either win this division or come 2nd.

There are always freaky results in whatever division, in whatever league or cup competition all over the world.

Yes, we should have beaten BC but we didn't, respect the point - 2 months ago we wouldn't have got even 1.

Man up, grow a pair & stop whinging like a spud.

Sometimes It's hard to break down a team that plays 4 at the back with 2 holding midfielders sat in front of them...we're not the 1st that have failed & we won't be the last..

Jonny (keeping the faith) Hammer

Anonymous said...

PS Pour yourself a large one, stick the headphones on (don't wanna p1ss off Mrs F) & listen to a bit of The Floyd - Comfortably Numb or Hey You works for me....


Mike said...

Winston Reid dislocated his shoulder, leaving us a little short at the back. I imagine Sam will need to bring in another defender since Tompkins and Faye don't seem to be un-injury prone themselves.

I wonder how far off that Demel guy is from being match fit?

Deane said...

Growing a pair and manning up would require one to lead not follow So criticism of the awful hoofball we are playing and showing Allardyce as a one dimensional stats driven moron is pretty ballsy in my book
Sheep accept wandering around a field aimlessly following my leader but the wolf goes out and gets what he wants So Johnny (accepting the shit) Hammer grow some and see what is happening to this great football club and you notice the important word there great FOOTBALL club

Anonymous said...

08:57 unfortunately moaning about stuff on a blog is pointless. If he was interested in our football club he'd do soemthing, like petition the owners on a number of issues (including the OS), he doesn't so we know he isn't.

Anonymous said...

17:00 make you right son, he just moans which is pretty one dimensional.

Anonymous said...

Not accepting the shit at all,no lover of the style of football we are playing & certainly no fan of Allardyce...even if he does well in this job,he'll be off to pastures new,he's only here to get himself back on the map & boost his own ego.

But I will tolerate it for a year if he gets us back up,then the 2 Dave's will have to spend some serious dosh to keep us there.

The wolf may go out & get what he wants but he still gets shot by the farmer.

Quite happy with the family jewels BTW but thanks for asking...