Thursday, 10 November 2011

Who are the mystery centre backs that Allardyce fancies?

Anybody got any ideas? They are currently with Premiership clubs, have plenty of experience and are not getting much game time at the moment.

Titus Bramble might qualify and, in many ways, would be an appropraite replacement for da Costa. We only need somebody for 2-3 months and he won't be up in front of a judge for a while yet.

Who else fits the bill? Rio? If he is going anywhere it will be to Tottenham surely? Well what about Bassong then? He is off in January and Tottenham might fancy putting him in our shop window.

Any other ideas?


Anonymous said...

Having looked through current premier league squads and deducted those who aren't playing (not even getting on PL benches) and having a wealth of experience i have come up with:

- Williamson of Newcastle
- Habib Beye of Newcastle
- Senderos of Fulham (although i'm not sure if he's injured

and Onuoha who we already know about.

Clez said...

Yep, Upson & Gabbidon!

Hammersfan said...

Good research!

Anonymous said...

Its Onuoha 100%. Inside info

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be suprised if it isn't any of them, but they're probably the most likely.

Didn't Beye play under Allardyce at Newcastle? May even have been Allardyce who signed him.
Williamson was first choice CB when Newcastle won the Championship, so he'd be a good signing.

Mike said...

Calum Davenport :p

Anonymous said...

Well done HF a football post, and about West Ham too. Well done. Extra points for not being negative either.

Anonymous said...

00:46 don't get you're hopes up it won't last.

TudsOut! said...

I’m hoping for Dohar to be awarded the 2017 World Athletics today.

punkrockhammer said...

Beye won't get a game at Newcastle

Because he's at Villa!!

punkrockhammer said...

Habib Beye won't get a game at Newcastle

Because he's at VILLA!!