Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Demel starts, Cole & Collison benched!

Doctor Evil shuffles the pack again, presumably because Cole and Collison can't cope with two back to back games, even though Cole was withdrawn 20 minutes before the end on Saturday. What is wrong with those two exactly?

The team is high on muscle and low on finesse as usual under Allardyce. No complaints from me tonight because we need players who will roll up their sleeves and fight, although that makes the selection of Freddie The Fly Tipper very odd indeed!


Demel, Faye, Tomkins, McCartney


Nolan  Noble

Faubert                      Taylor


Subs Stech, O'Brien, Collison, Sears, Cole


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lets face it cole or piq they are both poor at best...baz

Anonymous said...

20:51 how right you are Baz - did you graduate from the Fanno School of football punditry?