Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Return of Zammo

What a wonderful idea! Zamora has fallen out with Martin Jol apparently, so he is being linked with a return to the club he supports. And wouldn't we fans welcome him back with open arms?

It's a great story, but is it going to happen? Not a chance in hell!

Why? Well look at Scott Parker. Capello made it abundantly clear that if Scotty wanted to play for England, then he would have to ply his trade in the Premiership. And as if to prove the point, it was another Scott, Calamity Carson, who replaced Hart at half time last night, not Rob of the Championship Green. It seems that Fabio holds even Turkish football in higher regard than the mickey mouse division we are currently sitting in second place in!

Zamora is in with a shout of going to the European Championship finals and, as much as I would love to see him back at Upton Park, I would hate it if he were to blow that opportunity. Zamora, for me, is one of the genuinely good guys in football - self effacing, hard working, honest as the day is long, a reluctant hero almost. His approach is refreshing in the modern game and his presence in the England squad is a tribute to his determination in the face of repeated rejection.

Where will he go if he does leave Fulham? My money would be on QPR given his preference to stay in London, but Pardew might just persuade him to move north to link up with Ba. The two ex Irons could form a very potent combination!


Lord Canning said...

Make you right on point 1 - Zamora will not be joining West Ham. Make you wrong on point 2 - Zamora in with a chance of going to Poland/Ukraine in 2012. The nearest he will get to Poland and/or Ukraine is if he gets off the Jubilee Line at either West Ham or Canning Town. In fact make that the answer to point 1 as well.

On last night's showing Zammo was poor, fluffed every half chance he got and did not look international class. He will probably make the first squad of 100 - like all the players Capello has used - but the final 24 will be the same old same old with a few of youngsters thrown in. Can't wait for next summer.

Hammersfan said...

I doubt he will make the final squad but he was better than you give him credit for. England looked a much better team when Zamora was on the pitch because he held the ball and laid it off well. Bent looked for balls over the top, Zamora showed for the ball and played in others.

Anonymous said...

So if Capello won't pick goalkeepers from the championship, like Green as you said, why has he recently picked Stockdale, Fielding and Carson who is playing in Turkey (an equal standard to the championship)? But back to the subject, that will be Zamora's last England game. What chance has he got against Rooney, Bent, Defoe and whilst Welbeck and Sturridge are developing nicely. Also do we really want him? We have Carew, Cole and Piq do we really require another striker in the build of them?

Lord Canning said...

OK, perhaps I was a bit harsh on Zamora, but a strikers job is to strike, score goals and goals are the only thing that win games. Being good at playing with his back to goal, bringing others into the play - didn't we first see that in the 60's with Geoff Hurst? Is this how far we have come in 50 years?
I know we beat Spain but I find their style of football so watchable. You noticed they played for an hour with no out-and-out centre forward? We will have no Rooney at Euro 2012, but we do have Bent, Zammo and Carroll.
Jeez! and the press are gearing up the ''we can win it'' on the back of 2 1-0's and are already piling on the pressure. As I said earlier -I can't wait.

Hammersfan said...

Zamora is much better than Carew and Piquionne! And he cares!

Andy Harding said...

I would have Zamora back at Upton park above every single striker Bar Ashton we have had since he left. The people who got rid of him for i think 5 mill(paltry amount)need hanging, he is the most underrated striker in the prem, better than Defoe/Bent/Crouch/Hesky/Owen/Johnson, in fact almost all strikers picked before him for England. He also had a good game for England the other night.