Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Big games at Barnsley and Doncaster

Our attention will be on events at the Boleyn with a sideways glance at what is happening at Southampton, but there are two other big, big games tonight. The Doncaster game against Middlesborough is an obvious choice but the Barnsley match may have gone under a few radars. Hull travel there, and a victory in their game in hand would see them level of points with us!

People are saying what a great job Allardyce has done, but if we were to find ourselves level on points with Hull City, that would put our start into context. Meanwhile, Birmingham too have the potential to draw level on points with us if they can win both games in hand - and that is despite fighting a campaign in Europe!

Anything less than three points from tonight's game would be a huge disappointment. Should we win and Hull, Palace and Boro lose or draw, then it would be a great night, irrespective of the result at St Mary's.


tigerbigdave said...

and what's your point? the Tigers deserve to be where they are, you can't live on past glories, you have no historical right to be in the premier league!

Hammersfan said...

Taking it in the wrong way mate. My point is that Hull have been doing the business quietly. You haven't got a great team and you haven't pulled up any trees, but you could be level on points with us. I'm worried about you!

tigerbigdave said...

fair enough, I'd better retract my claws, we tend to be a bit touchy here in the outback!