Monday, 14 November 2011

Is Collison Damaged Goods?

I know the boy suffered a very nasty injury that kept him out for a long time, but it is very strange that, even now, he doesn't seem to be able to manage two games in a week. Collison has missed out on Welsh caps this week, and the last time he represented his country he was unable to start the next game for West Ham. And after playing against Leicester on the Saturday, he was nowhere to be seen for the following Tuesday's game against Bristol City, even though Doctor Evil's resources for that game were spread as thinly as Bobby Charlton's comb over.

Cole has a persistent knee problem, Taylor seems to have a deep seated injury that he is struggling to shake off, Tomkins is in and out as often as a left arm in the Hokey Cokey, Demel hasn't kicked a ball yet, Green needed surgery, Lansbury is out for a stretch...I thought Sam Pot was sorting out the fitness side of things!

Despite all the guff pumped out by the Official Site, there's been no real explanation of why a player as young as Collison can't play twice in a week. Is he the Claret and Blue version of Ledley King?

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John said...

Collison certainly seems fragile compared to how he use to be. Looks as though he needs to build up a bit of muscle, energy and agression, presumably they will be working at this.