Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Montano's a naughty boy!

There is a certain irony in Paolo Di Canio sending Montano packing for not being professional enough, but it is a worry that our young starlet isn't considered good enough for Swindon Town.

Let's face it, he isn't a boy anymore, having moved into his nineteenth year. Whilst at Notts County he appeared to show real promise, but even there he was used as an impact sub more often than not. The idea of switching him to Swindon was to gain more game time supposedly, but Di Canio decided he didn't fit the bill. His attitude was apparently the concern.

So is the boy any good? He has an eye for goal certainly but it's looking increasingly unlikely that he is the new Messi. Another Hines or Stanislas perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Well HF, according to the official site Montano played ok against Gillingham in the development XI this afternoon, as did Montenegro. Demel also did 45 minutes, Danny Potts also got good mentions. And there was an unnanmed trialist playing too - any ideas who that might be?


T.I.S said...

One gets the impression that he never really wanted to leave Notts County. Swindon was always a bad move for him, so let's have him back, stick him on the bench for a few games and see how he does.

Hammersfan said...

No idea Gateman but we have had a load of trialists and very few have actually signed. O'Brien did I suppose.

Deane said...

sign him up now
Pele Ruddock
got to have a great future