Monday, 24 October 2011

4-5-1 Again - No Baldocks!

So Doctor Evil is as scared of Brighton as he was of Southampton - even more so in fact because he isn't even starting Baldock for this game!

So, it is 4-5-1 with the goal threat offered by...well Carew and Nolan who can't hit Faubert's arse from three feet at the moment.

Faubert and Collison on the flanks don't scream goals do they? Whilst Noble and Diop are hardly bristling with goal scoring potential. It is a craven team, a team that says Allardyce is hoping for a 1-0 victory or a 1-1 draw.

No Cole on the bench again. What is his problem? And the resources are so stretched that Moncur is counted amongst the subs. Surely it is time to bring Montano back from loan if we are having to select kids anyway?

Low flying seagulls had better beware because Allardyce's long ball merchants are in town!

The team:


O'Brien, Faye, Reid, McCartney

Diop Noble

Faubert  Nolan  Collison


Subs Boffin, Moncur, Sears, Piquionne, Baldock


fred149 said...

i wanted chris hughton as manager

Mike said...

Crap lineup.

Play Baldock up top with Carew and go at them.

Mike said...

Nolan, lol.

Kareem said...

Nolan scores from 20 yards and we're in the lead! 1-0 ...but Brighton forced Alumnia to make a few saves towards the end..lets hope we tighten up our gears defensively!

Anonymous said...

kevin in manchester writes..

i'll take the ugly 1-0 win, away in october, traditionally a time when we fold .. just as Soton was no disaster; this is no triumph just doing what what we need to- keep picking up the points however

Hammersfan said...

Shame on you Kevin! You are in the North East, support Bolton! Tonight was disgraceful.