Monday, 3 October 2011

Clueless Carew!

You have to laugh. According to John Boy Carew, we are the Manchester United of the Championship and that's why every team raises their game when they play us. That is so much cobblers on two levels.

Firstly, we are no bigger than Leicester and Leeds have a much more glorious history than we do. How many titles have we won and how many European Cup finals have we reached exactly? Leeds have three titles to their name and have been runners up 5 times. They've also won the FA Cup and League Cup and two Fairs Cups. Makes our three FA Cups, one Cup Winners Cup and an Inter Toto piss pot look pretty paltry doesn't it? And when was our last trophy? 1980. Leeds won the title in 1991 and reached the European Cup semifinal the following season! What is the most we have paid for a player? £7.5m for Ashton? £8million for Savio? I don't know. Leeds paid us £18m for Rio! And we are the Manchester United of the Championship? Yeah and Norway is the economic powerhouse of Europe John!

But anyway, when did Manchester United last lose a home league game exactly? The Manchester United of the Championship? In our dreams, then we would be pissing this division!

Danish pigs must be flying over Oslo as John Boy Carew speaks!

Night Sue Ellen!


Norwegian Hammer said...

Well, actually Norway is the economic powerhouse of Europe :)

Anonymous said...

You are so prone to sensationalism that you should become a 'red top' site.

You know very well that Carew meant that other teams raise their game when playing against ManU and other Championship teams do the same when playing West Ham.

How about writing a more factual piece about your 18 month personal vendetta against Parker and how crap he is? perhaps you could include your verdict on his performances that are earning player of the match awards for nearly every Spurs game and conclude how wrong you were about him.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Great post. Sad, but true, we're no Man U!

But Carews right in so far as we are one of the bigger teams in the division, and other teams will raise their game when they play us, especially at Upton Park. Teams know that with a big enough push, the crowd will wobble and we might tumble and fall.

We are getting better under Big Sam, and we should be there or thereabouts come May 2012 if we carry on like this and improve from here.

Hammersfan said...

Do teams raise their game against Man Utd? As a rule they lie down and die! That's what I meant when I asked the last time they lost a league game!

Anonymous said...

You ask any team in this league aside from there local derbies we would be the biggest game just cause we are not performing like it doesn't make it untrue Leeds and Leicster might have won more sliverware than us but at this present time we are a bigger club than the pair of them

elf72 (tony) said...

You've taken carew's comments out of context to suit your own arguments hf.

He is saying we are the biggest scalp in the championship, the one everyone wants to beat, the one they raise their game for.

That's true, we're the ones with most "premiership " players, the big time Charlie's talking up an automatic return. Of course we're the ones to beat, the man u of the championship for that reason.

Mike said...

No, I think the difference is Man United rise to the challenge and whip anyone who dares raise their game.

That and they have the home ref advantage of course.

Hammersfan said...

Man Utd are mentally tough Mike, our shower of shit buckle at the knees at the first hint of adversity.

Stani said...

Maybe that's the negative side to this mindset, that we're Man Utd and everything will be ok. I hope all the other players don't share this mentality because it'll lead to sloppiness

Anonymous said...

Whatever he meant, Carew's written the opposition's team talk for the next few weeks. You can just imagine it .... " this lot think they're f***ing Man United"!!

Oh well. It's not all bad. Ilunga's off to Donny.

Travelling Hammer said...

Have to agree with Norwegian Hammer, a bad analogy. With a $500bn+ sovereign fund, and plans to invest in large areas of London, maybe getting big John to have a word with his government about our little old club in the East End could be his most valuable act for the club!!

Mike said...

Yeah, it seems to me there's this certain level assumption that we're going to promote, from both the players and some fans, because we're West Ham.

Even the bookies and critics are guilty of it. We're marked down as favorites, but why exactly? Because we're a club of tradition? Because we last won an FA Cup in 1980? Because of our youth academy? Because we're moving into the Olympic Stadium?

You read how teams are relishing coming to Upton Park to try and take points off 'a big club like West Ham'. But I fear too many times that term is used without actually considering the facts, such as what players we sold or brought in.

I'm pretty sure that when the bookies put their odds out on us, it was because we are West Ham, not because we brought in Joey O'Brien, Sam Baldock and John Carew.

There's just too much assumption and I think, as Stani kind of touched on, that there might be a problem with the mentality of the players. Either they see these teams coming at them and they can't handle the pressure that we're supposed to be walking these games, or they think that the club will take care of itself in the long run.

It doesn't matter if you've won ten league titles before today. If you turn up and don't put in the shift and play with belief, then you will lose.

I just think the players need to start forging their own success at the club and be proud to play for them based on how they play now, not in the past.

Late night nonsensical ramble over.

John said...

there could be a lot of truth in that statement Stani

Anonymous said...

We aren't bigger than Leeds but we are quite a bit big bigger than Leicester in terms of fanbase and are probably the 2nd biggest in the league despite Forest's Cup's they get 20k in their home crowd

That makes us the Liverpool of the Championship ;)!!

Hammersfan said...

Good point 0701

Hammersfan said...

I'm not having that TH!

GDP's (in millions of US Dollars)

1.Germany 3,286,41
2.France 2,562,742
3.UK 2,250, 209
4. Italy 2,055,209
5. Spain 1,409,946
6. Holland 780,668
7. Turkey 735,487
8. Switzerland 527,920
9. Poland 469,401
10. Belgium 467,779
11. Sweden 458,725
12. Norway 412,990

Outside the top ten! More of a Fulham than a Man Utd economy!

Stani said...

Where's the wake up calling coming from though guys? Doesn't seem like the shoddy results are waking them up.

Anonymous said...

leeds won the title in 1992 not 1991

Travelling Hammer said...

I'm not having that HF!

GDP right now is hardly a good measure of financial powerhouse, as the outgoing government said UK (and the other European powerhouses) is broke, no cash, not even any gold after the buffoon Brown sold it all! Indeed we probably somewhere along the line borrow from Norway! Behind only my friends in the UAE their sovereign wealth fund (I.e. cash and investments held on behalf of the population) dwarfs anything else in Europe. Indeed cashed in tomorrow the fund is worth approx £100,000 a head of the population. Interesting also that it took over 60 million Brits to turnover our $2,562bn compared to 4.7 million Norwegians to make $413 bn i.e twice as much per Noggie head of population. Yes I know oil is a huge proportion, but haven't we got some of that too!

So maybe outside the top 10 on your table but less likely to do a Portsmouth or Leeds and get a 20 point deduction for calling in the receiver!!

Hammersfan said...

I'm not having that mate. Idle money is useless money. Norway may have a load tucked under the mattress but GDP is THE measure of economic activity and that's where this started. You can't be an economic powerhouse by running a generator in your own back yard. Norway's wealth is down to oil. True that oil is useful for the engines of the true European powerhouses but Norway remains a dwarf economy compared to the true economic giants.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Clueless Carew for the most part except for your Norway analogy. Norway is ranked sixth out of 141 economies in terms of investment potential in the United Nations’ World Investment Report 2007. World Bank’s report Doing Business in 2008 concluded that Norway was the third-best country in Europe, and the ninth-best in the world, in which to run a business. The result is an economic smorgasbord where foreign workers, particularly those with skills in engineering, the life and physical sciences, and information and communications technology, can find excellent employment opportunities in one of the most clean, safe and progressive nations on the planet. So give it a rest mate! You are wrong this time.

Hammersfan said...

Great place to do business? Your bollocks freeze and fall off for half the year and, even when there's no snow on the road, you can only drive at 20mph through ribbon towns that stretch for miles and miles and miles. A journey that I expected me to take 2 hours took six!