Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Well Done KUMB!

I've knocked them for stealing my threads but credit where credit is due, "David's bent knee" is one hell of a headline!

Mind you, on September 20th I did ask the question "A Broken Bentley?" It seems the answer, sadly, is yes.

I wish the guy well but I'm not convinced we are losing a lot with his return to Spurs. He looks a shot bolt to me. Maybe when that knee is rebuilt, he will come again. Or maybe this will signal a sad end to what was once a very promising career.


Sav said...

Is he returning to Spurs or are we stuck with paying his wages for the rest of the loan period?

Anonymous said...

Yes, well done to KUMB for their article on David Gold's comments today:

"Gold, speaking to fans via his Twitter feed last night in the wake of news that West Ham's bid to move to the Stratford site has been halted insisted that should United win a second round of bidding, pencilled in for the beginning of next year, it would be for a period in excess of that agreed for the previous bid."

"If we take the Olympic Stadium it will be on a very long lease. Probably 250 years," said Gold. "It would become our home in every sense of the word."

Following what the 75-year-old described as "a really frantic day" and "an incredible saga" to boot, he stoically continued to respond to questions relating to the collapse of West Ham's move - whilst rebuffing the odd dissenter.

"How dare you insult me and DS like this," he stormed in response to one unhappy fan (HF?). "Remember this is our club as much as it yours." That in reply to a suggestion that the two Davids were "asset stripping" the club by selling the Boleyn Ground to developers in order to rent at Stratford."

Hopefully these comments go some way to dealing with the articles published on this site yesterday.

DG and DS seem to have accepted the plug being pulled on the original deal surprisingly well. One can only assume that they have been given assurances re the second tender.

Hammersfan said...

Well how very dare you! Oh dear God, if you met Mr Gold in a gay club you would swallow the lot wouldn't you? What would you expect him to say on Twitter? "Yep, that's the plan. Sell the Boleyn, pocket the dosh, sell the franchise. Nice little profit for the grandchilren's legacy fund, move on." Everything is on trust. Did somebody ask him why he and Sullivan didn't stump up the £40m themselves?

Bert & Ernie said...

The club was worth approx £110m with £100m of debt when the D's bought it. The land is worth £30-35m and the actual ground structure is worth absolutely nothing. Where is this 'dosh' coming from that they are going to pocket?

Anonymous said...

he doesn't seem to have an answer for that one does he hahahaha?