Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Truth About Tevez!

He couldn't come off the bench because he was looking after his pet cat! Get off the guy's back and respect his human rights!


Anonymous said...

Why not write about rednapp getting sacked before Xmas,and Parker being crap,ur full of crystal balls

Deane said...

sounds reasonable

Hammersfan said...

LOL, I said before the end of October 2203!

Did you see Parker's "pass up the line" in about the 70th minute against Arsenal? Too straight, far too hard, goal kick. 'Arry is using him correctly, to hold. But Arsenal were passing the ball around him for most of the second half and after he came on, Sandro looked much more impressive! My objection to Parker was always to the way we were using him, as the midfield general. Watch him for Spurs. If he gets into the opposition final third, his immediate thought is to retreat back to his holding role. THAT is how I said we should have used him!

By the way, he looked knackered against Arsenal. Why? Because he was being given the run around by more skilful players.