Saturday, 22 October 2011

Ilunga Excelling at Doncaster!

Apparently Doncaster are paying Ilunga £2,000 a week whilst we meet the other £24,000, but boy are we getting value for money just to keep him 169 miles away from Upton Park! Since Rita was drafted into the team, Doncaster have shipped 8 goals in 3 games, losing all three matches in the process!

And before Ilunga's selection? Well the Rovers had put together a run of three unbeaten games, including two wins and a draw, conceding just 2 goals in the process!

£2k a week? Poor Doncaster are being ripped off! And to think, I made him Hammer of the Year in his first season with the club; but that was before he landed that obscene contract of course.

Do you know, Ilunga may end up rated as one of the worst players ever to wear Claret and Blue! But then why should we be surprised given it was Nani who brought him to the club! Just like he brought Savio, Kovac, Lopez, Diamanti, Daprela, Jimenez, Lastuvka...


Anonymous said...

There paying a 5th of his 30k wages so there paying around 8k

Hammersfan said...

So you say. According to Talk Bollocks it is £2,000 of £26,000. Either way, we are paying him over £20k a week to help our promotion rivals beat Doncaster!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that be 6k, anonymous?

The whole point of bringing in these loan players is to pay them peanuts... 8k p/w is certainly not peanuts at a club like Doncaster. Only Sharp is paid more than that.

The agent brokering the deal to bring in Diarra has stated that the ex-Real madrid player will be getting paid 2k a week if he joins, so I can't imagine Ilunga getting anywhere near 8k!!!

The truth is Donny simply don't have that kind of money, but hey, go ahead and believe whatever helps you sleep at night.

Hammersfan said...

Would any Doncaster fans care to update us on just how poor Ilunga has been?

Anonymous said...

I was meant to put 6k a week anon thanks for pointing put the typo