Saturday, 22 October 2011

Leicester to sack Sven?

I asked last week how long it would be before Sven would be flat packed back to IKEA; and one smart arsed Leicester fan came on and posted, "I'm not going to get too worked up about one defeat (away at Birmingham, yeah that's always easy) seeing as though we were unbeaten in 7 before that. We'll have 6 points from the next 2 games, and we'll be in the top 6 as a result."

Hmmm. What's that saying about counting your chickens before they have hatched or counting your Ulrikas before you have got them into the sack? Today's 3-0 home thumping by lowly Millwall means that Leicester languish in 13th place in the table.

Will Sven still be in charge when Leicester come to Upton Park? I bloody hope so!


Anonymous said...

At least our sven speaks good English. Unlike the northern oik that manages the hammers.
We love sven and his brand of football. Not like the up and under allardyce.

USA Dave said...

HF, I said at the start of the season that I doubted Sven had the gumption for the grueling schedule of the N. The truth is he has had very little success since he left England.

And you have to wonder if experienced guys like Sven and Allardyce are not all they are cracked up to be. The managers making the impressions now are guys like Lambert. But they are so few and far between that finding a truly gifted manager is harder than ever. The stakes are so high that faults are laid to bare very quickly.

Deane said...

2054 Ouch! the truth hurts unfortunately but I still wouldn't want Sven either