Monday, 3 October 2011

Poor old Steve McClaren

Another one I got wrong. I really did expect McClanger to do a decent job at Forest before springboarding to a Premiership club but, from day one, he was a disaster. The guy looks and sounds mad and I suspect he is either going through a breakdown or is trying to recover from one.

None of us like him, but in recent weeks he has cut a sad and pathetic figure rather than a laughable one. Where does he go from here? It really is difficult to imagine another English club taking him on after this debacle. Back to Holland and silly accents or out to the Emirates or Saudi Arabia perhaps, beneath a brolly to keep the sun off his blistering red skin.

You want to laugh but somehow that seems cruel. McClaren has fallen so far now that he merits pity. Pity he ever rocked up in England with all those sports science coaching techniques learnt in the USA that is!


Stani said...

To think he was on our list of potentials but took himself out of the running?!

He's just a good talker, that's it. That's what gets him jobs. He's the managerial equivalent of Mark Noble i.e good at things other than what he's supposed to be good at.

Deane said...

Mark Noble is better than Scott Parker

Anonymous said...

Kevin in Manchester writes..

yeah he does come across as a joke figure which is a shame as he was a very good first team coach, first at Derby and then Man U leading up to and in their treble year. I think the Forest job is as tough as they get- they have no money at all to spend and a club management even stranger than some of ours.

Stani said...

I thought they had one of the better defences last year though Kevin....same players. They were leaking this season. The guy's cocked everything up

Sav said...

An ex-England Manager. What do you expect?

the headmaster said...

Stani, if he's your definition of a good talker, mate, I must be the equivalent of Tony Benn!
He's a bumbling idiot who deals in cliches and lacks any substance for me. In the same league Avram. That'll be him done in the English game I shouldn't wonder.