Thursday, 20 October 2011

Allardyce not committed to West Ham

I don't know about anybody else but I'm getting right royally hacked off by Allardyce tarting himself for the England job. How long has he been at the club for pity's sake? But here he is again, hitching up his skirt outskirt Wembley Stadium inviting, "I'm Sammy, try me."

That's probably why he is persisting with 4-5-1, they are vital statistics for international football these days and Doctor Evil has to prove he can perform every which way to impress the bowler hat brigade who run the game.

But his courting of the job is utterly inappropriate. Greenwood was invited to manage England and accepted the post with humility, describing it as an honour. Prior to his appointment, nobody heard Ron putting himself in the frame. He had a job to do at West Ham and was focused on that.

Allardyce should follow Greenwood's example and show loyalty to his employer instead of parading himself in the shop window like a whore in Amsterdam.


@pandaman_cometh said...

I totally agree.. He should concentrate on the job in hand. I tweeted that exact question to Mr David Gold on Twitter today & funnily enough he chose to ignore me and continue to answer the "ur doin a gr8 job DG" Brigade...

Deane said...

at least you're not alone he's ignored my difficult questions as well just got to word them carefully so he doesn't have the opportunity to have a pop as in the infamous "How dare you" reply

Anonymous said...

Look back at the history of this blog and its clear that YOU are not committed to West Ham. You continually slag them off for everything. You really should have been a ManU supporter and led a far happier life.

John said...

Mind you he is caught between a rock and a hard place isn't he. What can he say Oh dear we have made another mistake!

USA Dave said...

I'm chiming in on both this issue and the tactics on Tuesday night.

I agree that the 4-5-1 with a 4-4-2 set of players was odd. And as it turns out wrong.

And his comments about the England job show that his "shooting from the hip" attitude doesn't have a filter. Most times it works to his advantage. Here it didn't. It made him look terrible to a lot of us.

But at the end of the day, if you had told me we would be in 2nd place after 12 games I'd have said "great". We got relegated for a lot of reasons, so to think we should come into the N and dominate is a sure fire way to be disappointed.

We won't be as good as we think we are after a good run, and we won't be as bad as we fear we are after a poor run.

I think we will win the division because over the long haul we will survive the grueling schedule better than our rivals.

Mike said...

I've been saying from the start he saw West Ham as a stepping stone to the England job.