Saturday, 22 October 2011

QPR's Dyer Aiming for December Return!

You have to laugh. Kieron Dyer is apparently five weeks ahead of schedule in his latest recovery programme and is already out of his protective shoe according to the increasingly desperate Warnock. Protective shoe? This guy needs to be in a protective bubble and should never set foot outside of it.

As we speak, Kieron is coming under attack from all sorts of major hazards. A sneeze will tear stomach muscles, a slightly raised kerb will break a toe, falling pianos are perched on rooftops waiting for him to pass, pelican crossings are flashing "walk" as the lights show green for the cars, birds carrying avian flu are gathered on telegraph lines outside Dyer's home, and al qaeda are plotting Kieron's movements, trailing him with his very own personalised suicide bomber.

What chance Dyer returning in December? Absolutely none. As soon as the guy starts to run, something will pull, or strain or tear. Mind you, West Ham are probably trying to sign him on loan as we speak, agreeing to pay his wages to save QPR money!


Anonymous said...

is this a West ham site??
1 of three posts is about West Ham!? WTF???

Anonymous said...

is this site about West Ham or QPR?? I don't give a monkeys butthole about QPR, so could you please stop giving them so much interest? what's the point???

Anonymous said...

Can we have some West Ham related topics please. Enough of the shit related to those West London c***s. Come looking for some West Ham stuff but instead end up with shitty articles about those hula hoops. Bad enough they nabbed Fernandes without a supposed West Ham fan dedicating all his articles to them. If you love them so much go do a Fernandez and f**king join em.