Saturday, 1 October 2011

Better going forward; Worse at the back!

How do we react to a 2-2 draw at Palace? Like a 0-0 draw at Millwall, not the worst result in the world perhaps? Or another two points dropped?

According to Doctor Evil we dominated the game, but we had to come from behind twice to draw it. Yes we had 55% of the possession and yes we had 15 attempts to Palace's 7, but the brutal truth is that we were never ahead in the game and so never looked like winning.

Palace had two shots and scored twice. Makes you wonder why we are paying Manuel £50,000 a week to keep the ball out of the net doesn't it?

The happy clappers will point to the injuries as an excuse but should losing O'Brien, Taylor, Noble and Reid to knocks really present such a problem given we are supposed to have such a fabulous squad? And should Allardyce really complain about our failure to turn dominance and chances into goals when he insists on starting with only the one striker, who is infamous for his ability to miss a barn door from five yards?

We are fourth the happy clappers will say. And Southampton are top I will reply! Still Nolan scored - but then he missed two other chances!


USA Dave said...

I think what is becoming clear is that we are likely never to dominate this league. We may win it. Playing as poorly on a lot of levels and still being 4th beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. In fact, over the last four games we have been pretty poor. Yet we started that run in 5th and are now in 4th.

But I look at the squad and how deep it is for the N, and I do wonder why we arent wiping our butts with them the way Toon did.

By the way. Ba scored again. Thoroughly aggrivated by that.

fred149 said...

HF how about a post about how all these bad things noble apparently does like give away needless free kick etc.. and how they said diop over him and then diop does everything noble apparently does but by doing it 3 times as much

Anonymous said...

We played really well first half and did look like comfortably winning but couldnt get that goal. Allardyce makes subs to late. Cole cant win headers yet we're still pumping the ball up to him yet we have a taller better striker in carew on the bench. Why Allardyce changes Bentley to LM at halftime was outrageous considering him and faubert (who was our best player) run the show first half. To answer your question about injuries, we really miss Taylor, no width when were forcing lansbury to play on wing, hes a one footed CM it doesnt work.

Emlyn said...

Are we missing Parker?

Jonathan Ross said...

USA Dave has not an original thought in his head (and needs a remedial course on the meaning of plagiarism) but having convinced him of the very point hours before he posted it, I am forced to agree with myself. We simple do not have the quality of Toon, and we will miss our chances in the Championship just as we did in more exalted climes. The difference is what we will get to play for: promotion from the former rather than relegation from the later!

USA Dave said...

HF, just so you know, Mr. Ross and I have been best friends for 35 years. And unfortunately I introduced him to the illness that is West Ham. Took him to his first game, too. The 1-0 win over Arse that was capped by Pards waving a fist at Wenger.

That said, he did make the very point to me when we spoke after the game. And I did agree in principle to what he said. I dont agree however that we dont have the same quality as Newcastle did when the set the Championship ablaze. In fact we may have more depth.

So why DONT we destroy teams like Millwall and Ipswich? That is what I cannot get my head around. Stani blames Noble. You blame Nolan (sort of). Or is still Parkers fault?!

Sorry. I couldnt resist.

Anyway, Im utterly confused. And as I said a few days ago, my glass is neither half full or half empty. Its just half.

Oh, and lets welcome J. Ross as a regular contributor to this verbal mosh pit that is your blog.

Hammersfan said...

Welcome to Jonathan Woss. Poor old Manuel had better watch out now he is here!

What's the problem Dave? No balance still. Why? Players accumulated rather than a team formulated.