Sunday, 16 October 2011

Where was Carlton Cole?

According to Gold's tweet, Cole was available for selection but rested - along with Henri Lansbury. Now in the case of the Arsenal man, that makes perfect sense as he had played for the England U21s. But how much rest does Cole need exactly? He had enjoyed two weeks off as it was!

Doctor Evil was talking him up earlier in the week, encouraging him to target the Euro finals. But he aint going to make it into Fabio's squad if he isn't starting in the Championship, is he?

The really odd thing is that he didn't even feature on the bench. Has something happened behind the scenes? Did Cole say something out of line when he wasn't in the starting eleven? Or did he do a Tevez and refuse to be used as a sub?

It's all been quiet on the Carlton front with no explanation for his absence forthcoming from Allardyce so far. What was obvious to everybody is that Carew and Baldock looked far and away our best pairing up front for some time. So never mind a long road back to the England team, Cole may struggle to hold down a regular starting place in Claret and Blue!


the headmaster said...

With Carew in that kind of touch, Cole becomes a squad player in my view. I expect him to feature at least at some point on Tuesday. I am guessing that Carew will be good for an hour as a lone front man, having played internationally last Tuesday and for around 80 minutes yesterday.

Hammersfan said...

Can Doctor Evil drop Baldock after that showing? Surely he will stay 4-4-2?

the headmaster said...

I would be pleasantly surprised if we line up 4-4-2 on Tuesday, HF. Baldock will be on the bench in my view.

Hammersfan said...

Nah mate. Doctor Evil has seen the light. The Angel Gabriel has appeared before him and said, "Lo play 4-4-2 and there will be great jubilation on high". And I saw Gabriel play for Southampton. In fact I saw him grab Billy Bonds by the bollocks and Bonzo went ape, chasing Gabriel across the old Dell pitch.

beelzebub said...

BFS has stated all season that you need a squad for the championship and thats he picks his teams a couple of games in advance and thats exactly as i see it.

Nolan, cole and lansbury will all be back in for tuesday.

The formation will be 4-5-1, the actual stating eleven will be a little harder to guess following saturdays impressive dominating win.

I personally think Cole is the better "solo" striker, he holds it up well and would be ideal for a difficult away tie.

i Expect Carew and Baldock on the bench mind, both putting pressure on our attacking options to force them to try and prove their status, but also to to give us the option to "go for it" if we need.

I have high hopes for tuesday, i feel it might be a classic, 3-2 win to west ham.

Anonymous said...

4-4-2 at home
4-5-1 away from home

Hammersfan said...


Why put fear into the hearts of a team before the start?

Why not boss every game and back your team to win, rather than running scared of the opposition before a ball is kicked?

Anonymous said...

Whoever said Cole holds it up well needs to have a serious rethink.
Maybe its me butevery ball we play up to him is either headed randomly or pings off his legs and most often goes to one of the opposition.

The phrase 'hold up'means get it and hold it till support arrives, not give it away

Anonymous said...

“It’s just a little knee problem, a ligament at the side of the knee,” revealed the boss. “The medical boys said they would be very disappointed if they didn’t have it 100 per cent cleared up by Tuesday, but they couldn’t guarantee that if he went our on the pitch against Blackpool, that he wouldn’t make it worse, so we didn’t risk him.”

thats where he was!!!