Monday, 10 October 2011

Zola Heading For Siberian Gulag

Poor old Zola seems to be a bit confused. He shares his name with a great French naturalist writer but he seems to think he is Solzhenitsyn all of a sudden, talking about moving to the Russian steppes to find a way back into football management after his disastrous stint in charge of West Ham.

The lovable but delusional Italian has told the Daily Mail that he was "a potential candidate for the Nerazzurri job" but strangely, he admits "however, I wasn’t contacted". Well on that basis I was a candidate for the Chelsea job in the summer! What Zola means is that he applied for the job and his application was treated with such contempt that he didn't even get a letter of acknowledgement!

He added, "I continue to coach, but no teams have come forward for my services" which is so unfair given his record at West Ham. After all, he took over a team that had finished 10th the season before and less than two seasons later avoided relegation by the skin of his teeth courtesy of the incompetence of Burnley and Hull and the financial plight of Pompey. You would have thought that clubs would be queuing around the block to recruit him based on that CV!

Zola still lives in England so is hoping for a top job over here. Chelsea overlooked him but who knows, if Redknapp lands the England job, perhaps Spurs will give him a chance. We wish!

And so Zola would consider moving to Russia if a job came up. Let's face it, a Siberian Gulag Eleven is probably the best he can hope for!


jimwhu said...

hf maybe your friends at QPR might fancy him if they get rid of wanknock

Anonymous said...

kevin in Manchester writes..

It's a tragedy that clubs can't tell the difference between someone who can play and someone who can coach- different skills and rarely the twain will meet; it's a disease not confined to football- step forward Martin Johnson. Particularly in this country it devalues the art and education of coaching. So he's off to Siberia- could be worse I'm off to the Salford Gulag with a panaoramic view of Old Trafford from my office window!

Anonymous said...

20:12 very funny!

el martillo said...

Nothing on the boards yet, but apparently we will no longer be taking over the OS! Perhaps I was wrong; perhaps there is a God!

AJ said... call this a West Ham site - you know nothing

Hammersfan said...

Here again AJ? Some of us work you know! But the thread is up and running and, far from knowing nothing, it seems I hit the nail on the head back in January!