Monday, 17 October 2011

Spurs invent new Olympic Sport - Spanner Throwing!

So, Tottenham are no longer pursuing their legal action; well there's a shocker! Having put a spanner in the works and brought the machine to a grinding halt, they have now decided to throw the spanner away. Well, why waste money fighting a case you have already won?

The big question is why exactly the journalists consider this newsworthy? Had Spurs decided to press ahead with the case it would have been headline news because we would all be wondering what they were trying to achieve.

So, how about a few more pointless articles whilst we are about it?  How about Messi won't join West Ham in January or Tevez not joining Spurs maybe or Redknapp is a dodgy wheeler dealer perhaps?

Welcome to the Bloody Obvious to Everybody News!


Deane said...

how much do you reckon SuGo paid Levy to put a spanner in so they didn't have to buy anything but could get a rental and also have the excuse Well the landlord won't let us spend any money on ........... (insert whatever eg retractable seats colour coding, branding etc etc

John said...

Find Hearn's comment amusing that West Ham moving down the road to the OS would effect Leyton Orient because they would be closer, but evidently Leyton Orient moving to the OS much closer to West Ham would be ok! Could somebody brighter than me explain the logic behind that please.

Hammersfan said...

Orient would instantly attract gates of 60,000 obviously mate, with Hammers fans flocking to support them!