Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Give Montano his head!

I know the boy wasn't always starting for Notts County a division down from the Championship, but sometimes you have to take a chance and give young players their head. I'm convinced that Sears was screwed up by the bits and pieces roles he was given by Zola and that the development of both Stanislas and Hines was hindered by denying them a run in the team. Somewhere along the line, a manager has to back his judgement and say to a young player, "You're good enough so you're playing"; and if he has a bad game or two, you stick with him.

Montano oozes potential. A couple of his goals for Notts County were out of the top drawer and the boy impressed in pre season friendlies. Most importantly, he is a solution to the 4-3-3 dilemma because he is a natural on the left and has an eye for a goal. To accommodate him, Taylor would have to be moved back to left back or into centre midfield. My latest attempt to solve the selection conundrum would be:


O'Brien, Tomkins, Faye, Taylor

          Noble (or Diop) 

Collison,            Lansbury,         Montano


Carew (or Cole)

Subs: Faubert, Reid, Carew (or Cole), McCartney, Boffin


billythehammer said...

No baldock on the bench and linda has been solid at left back. agrre montano needs a chance would also like to see sears given another go.

Hammersfan said...

Problem with a 5 man bench Billy. If I added two it would be Baldock and either Diop or Noble. The choices I have made allow change of shape / personnel if necessary in mid game. That means only one forward on the bench sadly.

the headmaster said...

I'd take out the (or Cole) bit, put Sam B on the bench and give Carew an hour on Saturday (scored for Norway midweek and looks entirely more effective than Cole). The bring Sam on for 30 minutes. We've paid £2m for this lad, who was also on fire for MK Dons, who also deserves a manager to show some faith in him and who, it worries me, is likely to become down-hearted if he is continually ignored.
I do wonder at times 'WTF did we actually buy the lad for?' - fan appeasement perhaps.

Anonymous said...

3 defenders on the bench, nice one

Hammersfan said...

Hmmm. You don't know much do you? Faubert can play wide right and Taylor can move forward into midfield. Never mind, too complicated for you to work out obviously.

Mike said...

Faubert has been like a new signing this season. I'd start him over Collison who, in what game time he's had so far, has been very quiet.

Anonymous said...

Taylor was immense at left midfield when he played, but you would stick him at left back? I agree montano should be given a chance but I personally would keep Taylor at left mid and introduce montano later in the game.

PJ said...

You really do know nothing about football... he's at Swindon.

Hammersfan said...

He wasn't when this was written. Which was it, KUMB or WHTID that ran a thread saying Montano would go straight into the team?