Thursday, 31 May 2012

Allardyce Smiling As Norwich's Lambert Looks To Follow Example Set By Rodgers

First rule of Fight Club? Don't hang around for second season syndrome! Jolly Rodgers has jumped ship and moved from the land of the unemployed to, well the city of the unemployed. And now Lambert has apparently walked out on Norwich, throwing Delia's nutmeg enhanced shepherd's pie against the wall because he was refused permission to talk to Villa.

All of which means that poor old Norwich and Swansea are well and truly buggered. Which suits Allardyce and West Ham down to the ground. Would anybody be hugely surprised if both clubs now occupied two of the bottom three positions next season? Let's face it, who would want the manager's job at either club? A young buck? God help him. A gnarled old has been like Steve Bruce or Alan Turds Curbishley? Or maybe McLeish would fancy a stab, let's face it, he has the perfect credentials!


Anonymous said...

Second season syndrome? Both Rodgers and Lambert were at their clubs for 2 years already. Big Sam on the other hand is starting his second season. Is this post wishful thinking?

Hammersfan said...

Are you serious? Second season syndrome applies to seasons in the Prem, not the number of years the manager has been in charge. What a pillock!