Saturday, 5 May 2012

Is Green now the weakest link?

Regulars to this blog will know that I am not Rob Green's biggest fan. Even when West Ham fans were hailing him England's Number One, I was saying that he was a very good shot stopper but an average all round keeper because of his weakness under crosses, his poor kicking, his failure to command his six yard box and his fragile temperament. Then along came the USA game to undermine the very good shot stopper argument and a season that confirmed him as England's 666.

It would go going too far to say that Green has cost us automatic promotion but his mistakes have proved costly. He should have done better with Cardiff's winner at Upton Park and that lost us a point and, most crucially of all, he was at fault for the Bristol City goal which lost us another two vital, vital points. There were other mistakes too, but he is human and all keepers, even the very best make mistakes.

The trouble is, Green makes them at the worst time and that's because of his suspect temperament. The USA game was the classic example. Green knew the eyes of the world were watching him so he made the howler to end all howlers. His fans will try to argue differently but the more the pressure mounts, the more vulnerable Green becomes.

And so, as we have got to the business end of the season, so Green's form has dipped. Argue his case as much as you like but it is a fact that Green has been at fault for the last two goals we have conceded. The Bristol City goal had echoes of the USA game, a long shot that should have been comfortably dealt with, whilst the attempt to punch to safety the Hull goal was frankly laughable.

Against Cardiff we were very comfortable but Green still made a hash of one punch, dropped a cross when unchallenged and was in no keeper's land when Cole cleared the ball off the line. Deliver a decent high ball to the edge of the six yard box and Green is all at sea, his feet rooted to the floor, a mist descending over his eyes. It is worrying, very worrying indeed, and if I was Woy I would say, "Sowwy Gweenie, no Euwos for you".

As Fareham Hammer writes: "With Green in goal,anything could happen, especially if Cardiff score early on.The man was awful and has been awful for some time now. He is a disaster waiting to happen as regards crosses. He's that bad with crosses ,he doesn't even bother to come for them anymore! Staying rooted to his goal line, leaving the opposition strikers a free header at goal. He's flapping so badly at crosses now, his punching of the ball has gone to pieces! I would drop him and play Henderson, which Allardyce won't do. The only possible way round it is to play Faye in Reid's place, a tad unfair as the lad's done well but Faye has the ability to cut out crosses, before the reach the danger zone. It's no coincidence that Green's form has been at its best when Faye's been in the team. As soon as Faye's out..trouble."

Of course, a centre half is there to cut out crosses so maybe Reid is at fault too if Fareham is right and we are stronger with Faye at the back, but no matter who is there, a keeper must do better than Green has done in the last three games. One poor game is a blip, three poor games in a row is a dip, and with the roller coaster ahead, the last thing we need is for our keeper to be a big dipper!


jimwhu said...

hf hes no phil parkes but if he fcuks off in the summer hel cost a lot to replace i think your right about him with crosses but if we keep the ball in cardiffs half on monday he wont need to save crosses one thing i will say dunno if youl agree but the modern goal keeper seem to be obsessed with punching rather than catching the ball thinking back even mervin day or bobby ferguson used to catch the ball and rarely punch punching is a modern thing in keepers as a supporter i think its just somthing you have to accept coyi

Stani said...

The guy is rubbish. I have no confidence in him whatsoever. The other day when Demel made that cock up with the headed clearance, Green was out jumped to the ball. The guy had the advantage of using his arms and hands and he was out jumped by a player?! Awful.

Add to his list of flaws his giving up in situations that favour the attacker. Most keepers do not, and they hence pull off the odd outstanding save or cause attackers to mess up. But as soon as Green sees the probabilities against him, it's weight on the back foot and arms in the air as if to show his helplessness.

The guy has it too cushy.

Anonymous said...

What a load of rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

I haven't changed my overall view of Green since me and you had our little spat about him HF. And he certainly hasn't cost us automatic promotion- he saved us multiple points earlier this season and deserved his place in the top three of HoTY.

However he has been off par these last 4-6 weeks in my view. Word is that Mr 'don't call me wheeler dealer' is taking him to scumsville in the Summer, whether we go up or not. Maybe that's unsettled him - who knows. Personally I think those defensive collapses in the last 50 minutes v Reading and first 45 against Brum have had an affect. It's worth remembering that the previously rock-like Faye was possibly the main culprit in those capitulations. So whilst I understand Fareham Hammers logic I don't think a re-call for Faye is the answer, particularly as Tomkins and our most improved player Reid have formed such a good partnership.

Clez said...

Totally agree - other than the mistakes you have listed, McCartney was forced to give away a corner under no pressure whatsoever as Green did not have the presence of mind to either come and collect a high dropping ball or tell Linda he had time to bring it down and play out from the back. Rob had a shocker, time and again he should have come out and cleared the ball, but got caught in no mans land - seemingly tied by a bungy cord to the 6 yrd box. If Cardiff stick Whittingham on the wing and the crosses start flying in, we could be in trouble. However, lets me optimistic - he IS a great shot stopper, he has played some unbelievable games for us (Emirates in 2007) and he has had 3 poor games on the trot, so by the law of averages, he is due a couple of good ones. Also, you could see at the end he knew he had been poor and will hopefully be determined to put that right (after all, it must take some courage to come back from what happened in the world cup). Come on Rob!

Anonymous said...

you fcuking sick cnut

John said...

Usually a good shot stopper, makes some outstanding saves that counter the errors, but obviously scared of getting physically hurt on one to ones and high balls into the box its almost embarrassing

Nick said...

How can you pick on one player and even suggest that we dropped ponts only because of them. Sure Green let is some shots he would be expected to save but he had some excellent games and overall was one of our best this season.
How many open and simple goals did we miss? Bloody heaps and every game. It's too easy to blame the goalkeeper for costing us two points in game such as against Bristol City but watch it again and see how many simple chances we missed at the other end. Score any Rob's misjudgement would hardly be mentioned.
Yes I was a goalkeeper!!

AJ said...

He'll be going as England's No.2 in the summber, mark my words.

Brendan said...

Green has been playing bad because HE DOESN'T WANT TO PLAY FOR WEST HAM ANYMORE!!! HF you know this, but some fans are blind to it. He is totally out of the game right now because he is pulling a parker: not trying so he can get his move. He will not stay no matter what and he just wants to move on now. Hammers fans need to get over it, we'll wind up with jeskawhatawhat next year who is on par with Green (sad but true) and maybe make a move for another GK.

ANd to answer you AJ, the reason why he'll be number 2 is it will be a race with him, carson, and stockdale. FCUKING SCOTT CARSON AND DAVID STOCKDALE!!!! Lucky Hart is class or England would be up siht creek without a paddle

fred149 said...

Hart is a very overrated keeper made to look better then he is by citys defence

Paul said...

Been at the Olympic Stadium tonight. Really hope we don't ge it. Can't imagine watching WH there, the pitch would be miles away from the fans. It would make a truly awful football venue with the track left in place. Wasn't that worried about it before but I really am now. We need to let the club know that it simply isn't acceptable. Have had my season ticket for 20 yrs this season but would have to think twice if we get the OS.

Anonymous said...

I generally respect your view on Greeno however the world cup blip was probably showing that it is one stage a bit too far for the keeper.

I do however believe that the guy has done far more good then bad at West Ham, unfortunlity in the position of goalkeeper that one mistake stays with you for at least 5 years. He has been an immense shot stopper for us and has possibly over the years won us more points then lost.

However, that temperment and arieal ability is in question from time to time and what you do need is someone highly reliable between the sticks and someone that gives you confidence, something sometimes he doesn't command throughout the team and throughout the croud