Saturday, 26 May 2012

Bas Dost or not Bas Dost, that is the question!

On paper the record looks good. Top scorer in his league with 32 goals in 34 games for Heerenveen - he wasn't even playing for a team like Ajax!

But there's the rub. Ajax have the pick of the Dutch talent along with PSV and Feyenoord and, if we are honest, the Dutch league itself is decidedly mediocre despite the brilliance of their national team. If you are Dutch and half decent, you spend a very short time in the shop window, then somebody buys you.

The fee mooted on the net is £7m. That is a hell of a lot of money to gamble on the basis that the guy scores regularly in a league where even Freddie Sears might bag a goal or two. The defending is truly awful in Holland, and the mentality really does seem to be, go out there and outscore the opposition. There were an average of 4.23 goals in each Heerenveen game played last season!

Still we shouldn't complain. If Zola or Grant were in charge, we would be bidding for a Heerenveen defender!


Anonymous said...

Think of the biggest flop to come from Holland. It's Afonso Alves. Who did he come from? Heerenveen! Did he have a ridiculous goals to games ratio? Yes! Was he absolute poo in the Prem? Yes! Very similar.
But, on the other hand, USUALLY, most players from the Dutch prem adapt quite quickly. Kuyt, Suarex, etc. So you know could be worth a gamble.

Anonymous said...

A lot of his goals appear to be from tap ins and penalties, the penalties blasted not placed. He does n't seem to create a goal from nothing or have an exceptional shot. Seven Mil can't see it happening

Anonymous said...

Alfonso Alves and Kezman were both prolific in Holland and shite in the prem. Would much rather see us targeting the likes of Moses and Zaha.

Anonymous said...

6"4'. Now that's a worrry.

Say it ain't so, Sam. Ball to feet, ball to feet.


daz said...

van persie, vermaalen, suarez, robben, ruud van nistelrooy were all flops to come out of holland, oh no wait...

Anonymous said...

Was boogers dutch.

Anonymous said...

Only an idiot thinks this guy is going to be poo
Firstly there hasnt been a dutch talent to leave holland that is terrible

Go check your stats again
Personally this lad is being poo'd on by Holland you score that many goals and you get left out of euro 2012 team
Me thinks the lad is injured or another John terry has arrived

Facts remain if you dont know
you better get a clue

This lad is good 7Mill is a steal
If an english player scored that many goals he would be worth 30Mill instantly
Oh wait i guess you are playing people that are twice as human as yourself when you live in England

Now i guess the false claims of greatness is why england dont win Chit

Andy Carrol Games per goal ratio is not half as good and he is Always in england team
Guess his PR team is just better than, All english players not in the england team
selective bs