Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Liverpool Boost West Ham's Survival Chances By Appointing Swansea's Rodgers

Well that's it then. Get your money on Swansea to go down next season. They were the surprise package of 2011-12 but it is a sobering thought that, even after a fantastic season, they only won twelve games in the Prem. That is enough to secure Rodgers one of the toughest jobs in football, so what does that say either about the actual calibre of the team he leaves behind, or about how reputations are blown out of all proportion in the modern era?

Rodgers is sensible to jump ship ahead of second season syndrome, when the players think they ARE Prem players and stop playing like terriers every game, but crazy to take on the Liverpool job. He isn't one of Liverpool's own and isn't a big enough name. The fans will welcome him initially but as soon as results turn, or fail to improve, will start complaining he isn't a big enough man for the job. This has unhappy marriage written all over it, even though Rodgers is undoubtedly a first class coach; let's not forget, Woy is a first class coach too!

But what do we care? Swansea are in the shit now. Who will want to follow on from the man who can walk on the River Tawe? There were signs towards the end of the season that the Swans had swallowed a few too many lead pellets and although they won a couple of matches as games became dead rubbers, they looked like a team who were on the point of being found out. I would be amazed if they survived next season. Now if Villa were to capture Lambert from Norwich, a second relegation place would be booked before pre season friendlies have even begun.

Next season might not be so tough after all!


T.I.S said...

You cocky sod!

USA Dave said...

Gus Poyet would be a good replacement, dont you think?

John said...

What bout Grant or Zola?