Friday, 4 May 2012

Former Hammer James Collins in Club Brawl

Not terribly news worthy I know - Premiership footballer gets punchy outside club - but it may be good news for us. Collins has apparently been a brewer of trouble ever since he moved to Villa. There were reports that he and Dunne were stirring things in the dressing room when Houllier was in charge and they were obliged to apologise after a spa day went tits up, so this latest episode may be the final straw.

Personally, I would love Collins back at the club. If Villa decided to let him go, I would snap him up, be we in the Championship or the Prem. I'm impressed with Reid and Tomkins as a pairing and think they could hold their own in the Prem too, but Collins would be a very useful alternative to have. He should never have been sold in the first place - yet another Zola-Duxbury-Nani Axis gaff!

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