Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Former Birmingham Manager McLeish Rules Himself Out Of West Brom Job

It seems that McLeish doesn't want to be considered for the West Brom job - yet. He has to relegate Villa first!


Lord Canning said...

I understand he wanted Wolves, but they went and got themselves relegated without any help from him. On the day they went down he was heard to say ''I can't do anything for them now!'

Kildarehammer said...

The Baggies are a big club and should have a "big" manager too lead them. I would propose that BFS get's his CV updated and down to the Hawthorns as quickly as possible.

Kildarehammer said...

The Baggies are a big club and they should have a "big" manager to lead them. Someone with great tactical skill and an in-depth knowledge of modern football thinking. Someone who wants to play attacking attractive passing football.

"Sam Allardyce come on down.........."
Get your updated CV off to the Hawthorns, you are needed!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny if we get knocked out of the playoffs only for him to do one before turning up at the baggies.

Talk about every cloud having a silver lining.