Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Balance of Hodgson's Squad All Wrong

A disappointing first act as England manager in my book. It's true that Woy's options are limited, what with the Terry / Ferdinand dispute, the injuries to Bent and Rodwell and the suspension of Rooney for the first two games, but there's no getting away from the fact that Hodgson has cocked up the balance of his squad.

23 players means you have the option of two players for every position, and three for the goalkeeping berth, so why on earth are we going in with just seven defenders? Micah Richards may not be everybody's cup of tea - and Capello clearly did not rate him - but he is two defenders rolled into one, providing cover for right back and centre back. His inclusion would have left open the option of playing Jones as a holding midfielder should the need arise, and of playing Glenn Johnson on the right of midfield.

Instead, Hodgson has left himself with a potential headache in the event of yellow cards and injuries. Who amongst the nine selected midfielders has the ability to offer defensive cover exactly? Barry's days as a left back are long gone - he barely has the pace to function in midfield - and apart from him, there's nobody.

Meanwhile, up front we are very lightweight. Defoe cannot lead the line alone so I'm surprised Crouch wasn't taken in his stead. Does Carroll deserve to go? Of course not, but I would have included him regardless.

Anybody think we stand a chance of winning it? Anybody care?


Anonymous said...

Rodwell? hahaha He wasn't going to be in anyway?

Anonymous said...

Milner can cover at right and left back if necessary. Thats about it though for midfielders who can cover.

tommyd said...

He should have taken Ferdinand instead of Terry, Carrick instead of Parker and begged for Scholes to come out of retirement. Without Wilshere, Rooney or an in form Gerrard we have no chance.

Stani said...

Why didnt you publish my comment on your Grant post this morning HF?

Stani said...

This one:

Andy said...

The choice of striker is extremely poor at the moment, as expectations are so low for England at this tournament, I's give a couple of wildcards a shot. Why overlook Rickie Lambert? I'd choose an outstanding performing Championship striker before the likes of Defoe after the season he's had.