Monday, 28 May 2012

Total Kopfusion as Liverpool Mismanage Replacement of Dalglish

Allo, allo, what an unholy mess. According to Dave Whelan, Martinez has been offered the job. But according to Van Gaal he will be unveiled in one role or another by the end of the week. Mind you, Brendan Rodgers is back in the running apparently. Then there's Jurgen Klopp and the Fallen Madonna with the big boobies. I will say this only once, Livepool are turning into a complete farce!

Have Van Gaal and Martinez ever met, never mind agreed responsibilities? If one is unveiled as the Sporting Director as the other is named as manager, Liverpool could be triggering an instant power struggle - and that can only end in disaster.

Meanwhile, we have a vested interest because if either Rodgers or Martinez take the job, our survival chances will be boosted because it is bound to impact adversely on the club left behind. I made the case for Martinez when Zola was appointed and I have huge respect for the guy, but I fear he will be biting off more than he can chew if he takes the job. Liverpool FC is a poisoned chalice, a great history saddled with a mediocre present and unrealistic hopes for the future. Benitez buggered them, but the guy is still a hero in the eyes of the fans, as was Dalglish even as he spent £135m to win the Carling Piss Pot. Whoever steps into their shoes is going to get blisters, just ask Woy.

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