Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Watch Out, The Speech Impediment Police Are About!

Widiculous. The FA has written to The Sun to complain about their fwont page announcing the appointment of Woy. What a lot of wot. The guy has a speech impediment. He's had a speech impediment all his life, and being the cwuel bitch that she is, Fate was given him a name he can't pwonounce, just like Jonathon Woss. It's a bit of a bummer I'm sure, but unlike his defeated wival for the England job, at least he can wead and wite.

Once again, the PC bwigade are twying to take over our lives. Perhaps the misewable sods over at the FA should check out their back collection of Only Fools & Horses. Anybody wemember when Waquel sang a duet with a guy with the self same speech impediment as Woy? Let's hope that come the end of the Euwos we are not all singing Cwying too!


Anonymous said...

I am probably the least PC person I know yet I still think those headlines were unnecessary and spiteful

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

Oh well HF- we were never going to keep on agreeing with each other for long were we?

I think that the FA have gone over the top by complaining about The Sun (I'd have money on their head-line tomorrow being along the lines of 'Sowwy Woy'), and I know that there are worse things people say to each other, etc. However I do think it's a bit of a low blow to take the p*ss out of someone for something they can't help whether it be a speech impediment, their colour or their sexuality.

Another reason not to defend that rag over this is that this is just a small part of their under-mining of Hodgson before he's even started. They and the rest of the media are peeved that their self-appointed role of king-makers didn't work this time otherwise that slimy, back-stabbing Redknapp would have got the job.

As the Leveson inquiry is confirming it's their style to think they can appoint prime ministers let alone football managers and to hassle and abuse those they don't support. In the greeat scheme of things today's head-line may not seem such a big thing, but if you look at the bigger picture there is cause for concern.

And yes HF, before you say it- I do have a sense of humour. I couldn't have spent so much time on this site in recent months without one :)

Hammersfan said...

Thank God Anony-Mouse, normal service is resumed!

It's a harmless joke. Compare it to the turnip picture of Gwaham Taylor! I'm sure Woy doesn't care. He's a big boy. If we win, the same joke will be used affectionately. If we lose, cue "Wubbish!" If it rains and we lose, the "Rolly with the Bwolly!"

jimwhu said...

ron greenwood got the england job everyone wanted clough ron did a good job so maybe he aint a bad choice remember euro 96 england 1 swiss 1who was there manager ?

Anonymous said...


I really enjoy your blog and even find myself agreeing with quite a lot you say. However, this is purile and very much beneath you.

I'm with anony-mouse on this one. Those scum at the gutter press are already trying to undermind Hodgson just because the FA had the nerve to opt for someone different to their chosen one.

At least with Taylor they had the decency to wait until he f*cked up before the abuse started.

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

Jimwhu- Absolutely right. I honestly think that if I wasn't West Ham i'd still have wanted Hodgson over Redknapp. He has much wider experience of the world game- he took Switzerland to number 3 in the world rankings- that's the equivalent of taking Fulham to a European final- whoops, he did that too.

HF- I know what you're saying and like i said earlier I don't think the FA should have made a fuss about it. They've allowed The Sun the opportunity to keep the wind-up going and make the usual claim that it's political correctness gone mad (which it isn't btw, but that never usually stops them from saying it).

But I hope you took my point too. That paper is caustic, and never more so than when their bidding isn't being done. They backed the chirpy, rent-a-quote, shady candidate for the job. You watch them claim that he'd have done better than Hodgson when we don't win the trophy.

There is a distinction between now and the Turnip Taylor stuff. I'm not defending them but at least then when they were taking the micky out of the hapless Taylor it was because of his lack of ability. And I'd argue that if someone puts themselves in a position where they are plainly out of their depth and should have shown some self awareness to not over stretch themselves, they should expect to take flak when they are found wanting. But to mock a man cos of the way he speaks, something that he can't help- that to me is pretty nasty, even if it's in the guise of an unfunny joke.

Good luck to Roy btw, if he can get us to the latter stages with the 'quality' that he has available he will be over-achieving. I do like defending my teams' managers HF :)

Nick said...

Why are we talking about this when we are due to kick in a few hours. Come on let's get serious

Anonymous said...

The FA isn't a police force, they are private organization that has every right to vent at the SUN and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

The Sun happens to be owned by News Cowpowation. It's not like that they will get away with anything they w'ite all the time... and the FA hasn't come even aftew this blog. ;-)