Saturday, 19 May 2012

Sunderland's Craig Gordon Tailor Made To Replace Green


It would be typical wouldn't it, if we signed Craig Gordon as an apparently great value replacement for the soon to depart Rob Green? On the face of it, a man with 40 international caps who once commanded a transfer fee of £9million, looks like a snip given he is on a free transfer. But sometimes you should look a gift horse in the mouth, or at least check out his hocks and flanks.

How many caps did Kieron Dyer have when we signed him? Thirty three. And Gordon is to goalkeeping what Dyer is to the midfield. Talented, unquestionably, but an injury record that should see any club think long and hard before they offer a contract.

And, of course, there's the little matter of him being Scottish!


daz said...

And the guy is glued to his line and on some big wages, his injury record is shocking aswel so might not be the best investment, 3rd choice at sunderland when fit, is that the best we can hope for

USA Dave said...

Not to stray off topic, but has anyone else noticed what has happened to WHTID?