Thursday, 17 May 2012

Desperate Dann A West Ham Man?

So, we are being linked with Scott Dann, now of Blackburn Rovers and formerly of Birmingham City. Anybody spot the problem if we do secure promotion on Saturday?

Tell me, why would you want a centre back that has suffered relegation from the Prem in two consecutive seasons exactly? He's cheap!


Anonymous said...

HF, we were linked with LOIC REMY and it didn't come off and was just paper talk, we were linked with David Beckham at one point and it didn't come off. Tot scum were ridiculed a few years ago for being linked with a world class 11 that were all supposed to sign but NONE did. Leave it for what it is in paper talk and column inches. We are still news worthy as we are still active until Saturday so people want to read this drivel.

Stani said...

Craig Gordon is out of contract. What are we doing? He's at least 10 times better than Green

Anonymous said...

kevin in manchester writes ..

twice relegated but I'd suggest that it was more to do with the respective managers rather than Mr Dann

Anonymous said...

Agree w stani. Greens garbage and it was proven against my stars and stripes.

The big concern IF we go up will be the left an right back, obrien/McCartney are not prem level.


Anonymous said...

Demel is though, so right back isn't too much of an option.