Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tottenham's Scott Parker, One Captain Wonder!

Well that must be some sort of record surely? How many captains of England have lasted for just one game?

The appointment of Parker was always flawed. He wasn't captain of West Ham and he isn't captain of Tottenham either - for a reason. He isn't captain material.

Yes Scotty is passionate, yes Scotty is committed, but no, Scotty aint bright - neither on nor off the field. And the responsibility is no good for him either. Parker needs no additional incentive to dive in to tackles nor to run around the pitch like a headless chicken. If he has a career as an England player it is in a strictly limited role: sitting and holding, not trying to lead from the front and charging all over the pitch in consequence - as he did in Claret and Blue.

Mind you, he might not even be fit. And if he can't make it, who steps in? Jordan Henderson. Worrying or what?


WHU 98 said...

He leads from the front by his passion and spirit but not with his leadership skills

WHU 98 said...

He's not a natural born leader he Dosent come across as a leader but he leads from the front with his passion and spirit.

Anonymous said...

Guys. Was it not Scotty who gave the half time team talk to turn round a hammering at half time?
I hate seeing him in a Tottenham shirt and feel betrayed but he was a leader and a good club man so lay off him.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with the last comment, the guy is a natural leader on and off the pitch. He has been inspirational at Tottenham and is one of few prem stars who does his talking on the pitch. With regards to suggestions he isn't too bright I give you Terry? Gerrard? Beckham? Is a high IQ part of the job requirement, doesn't look like it. First mistake from Hodgson

Anonymous said...

'Scotty aint bright'

Same applies to you

Hammersfan said...

You are sooooooo wrong 0852.