Friday, 11 May 2012

Let's Nail This Playoff Specialists Nonsense

The usual crap is coming out about how Blackpool are playoff specialists and how all the pressure is on West Ham to win. For the Tangerine Dreamers anything more is a bonus it seems, whilst for West Ham it is make or break.

There is an element of truth in all that, of course, but we must not be suckered in. Already pretty level headed posters on here are talking up the dangers, warning about under rating Blackpool and pointing out that anything can happen in a one off game.

There's truth in that too of course. Anything could happen. At the Boleyn we won 4-0 with eleven men, whilst on our trip to the beach we won 4-1 with ten!

All we need to do is turn up, stay calm and play our football. Cardiff were cup specialists before we played them and Liverpool needed penalties to beat them. Did that matter?

Blackpool? Bring it on and cut out all the tangerine dreamer bollocks!


jimwhu said...

geat post hf you posted what i was thing coyi

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

As well as turning up, keeping calm and playing our football we need to do a couple of other things as well.

We need to find ways of negating their football whilst still playing our own- we have been able to do that of late so more of the same please. We also need to be confident rather than arrogant. Memories of the Palace game at the same stage should be all that's necessary to ensure that complacency doesn't exist- and that's vital cos complacency has been many a team's down-fall.

The games earlier this season mean virtually nothing, other than it will mean Holloway surely has to think of ways of countering our attack between now and then. I like Holloway but I do get the feeling he neglects his defence and simply relies on his team to score more than they concede. Like I said earlier results mean nothing. We won our play-off final against Preston, as side who had done the double over us that season-another little lesson from history.

You're a fan of stats HF. I don't know about you but I would guess that all things being equal we would beat Blackpool 7, maybe 8 times out of ten in this fixture. So whilst I am confident and hopeful I've still got that degree of humble wariness that you get when you've supported this mob for so long.

Anonymous said...

Great post... COYI

Canning Town Boys.

Hammersfan said...

Of course you have Anony-mouse, it's always a worry with Allardyce in charge! ; }

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse says,

Nice try Hf, but I aint falling for that :)

It's funny though isn't it just how many posters on forums are simply writing off Blackpool. I can only think that they are one or more of the following....

1). Very young and over excited so it can be excused
2). Don't understand that football is the most wonderful game but is capable of kicking you f*cking hard in the teeth so you are best off not taking decent teams for granted
3) Haven't been paying much attention to our fortunes and mishaps over the years
4). Are a tad arrogant and that word again, deluded

Keep up the good work HF- it's been a pleasure posting on here lately with everyone behind the lads. And I didn't think I'd be saying that a few short weeks ago :)

TBI said...

Unless Holloway comes up with a bit of tactical genius (learn't from the last two meetings) I really cant see them beating us.

We have found our form at just the right time and literally blowing opposition away.

I think the first half will be tight but 10/15mins into the second half our superiority will tell and we will win 2-0 (both scored in the second half)