Tuesday, 1 May 2012

West Brom Offer Welcome Distraction For Birmingham's Hughton

Interesting to see that Chris Hughton is being linked with the West Brom job. He was interviewed when Di Matteo was sacked (and how bad does that decision look at the moment?) and despite his protests that he is focused on getting Birmingham up, his comments were open to misinterpretation. The proper response should have been, "What a load of nonsense. Why would I be interested in that job? Birmingham are a bigger team than West Brom and will be in the Premiership next season anyway."

But he didn't say that. He said:  "I'm on a contract at this football club and it's only speculation - non-facts that are brought to my attention. It's always very difficult to talk about things that are hypothetical and things that are very non-fact. I have a contract at this football club, we are in a good place at this particular moment because the focus is on these play-off games. It's very difficult to speak about anything that's not fact. At this moment, [the play-offs] are taking 100 per cent of my focus."

If I was a Birmingham fan, I would be very worried about the repetition of "At this moment". Well, until a moment at some point yesterday, Hodgson was West Brom's manager wasn't he? And until he was appointed, it was a non fact and speculation that he was taking the England job. As denials of interest go, it is hardly ringing!

The speculation and non facts are sure to be unsettling. This is perfect news from Blackpool's point of view and, given we don't want Birmingham in the final, if we get there, great news for West Ham!

Come on you poaching Baggies!


Anonymous said...

Thats the way Hughton conducts his business, he never gives anything away. What will be will be, with the transfer embargo etc the blues job could be untenable if something isn't sorted out soon so I wouldnt blame him for keeping his options open.

Anonymous said...

We should beat anyone we end up meeting or we don't deserve to go up.

Anonymous said...

Are you that shit scared of playing blues in the final that you have to clutch at straws like this.Good news for blues if we meet in the final as WH fans and players are terrified of blues by the sound of it