Friday, 11 May 2012

Time for Liverpool to Award Dalglish a 5 Year Contract Extension

After the stunning last 20 minutes of the Cup Final when Liverpool were cheated by a pedantic rule that ALL of the ball must be over ALL of the line, and the epic thumping of Chelsea in the revenge match at Anfield, it is surely time for American owner John Henry to reward tactical mastermind Kenny Dalglish with a five year contract extension.

King Kenny has done a fantastic job this season, guiding Liverpool to a last gasp penalty shoot out victory over Welsh giants Cardiff City and to within an eighth of an inch of extra time in the FA Cup final too. On top of that, he has kept the club in the top half of the Prem - a marvellous achievement given he only had £135m to spend.

Based on the last 110 minutes of football against Chelsea, it is clear that Liverpool are now set fair to reclaim their place at the top table of both English and European football. Chelsea beat Barcelona with ten men, so just imagine what a force Liverpool will be in the Champions League the season after next after storming to the Premiership title next year.

King Kenny has brought glory back at Anfield at long last and dignity and respect are sure to follow.

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